You can contact us at any time through WhatsApp, e-mail, or skype, as you wish. All distinct inquiries about your dental desires with all relevant accompanying materials go through our website touch form. For the purposes of imparting, you with the most accurate price citation, alongside the fast description of your dental condition and accompanying diagnostic images. It is usually recommended that providing a panoramic x-ray scan. All you need is filling the contact form. We ensure that you will feel like you are at home. Do not hesitate to ask anything. 

As soon as we gather your information, our dentist will make the required treatment options and cost quotation. Within 24 hours, our dentist provides you with a detailed quotation, explaining the phases of the treatment plan, the required number of visits, etc. You have our word to do our best to make this the most enjoyable, painless, and satisfying

visit to the dentist ever! In this step, we will arrange your approximate treatment plan, your schedule, how many sessions you will need and all the other details will be settled. We do not you to make any advance payments.


Travel to Turkey

All you need to do is deciding when to come to Turkey. The journey time from the airport to the dental clinic takes 20 minutes. Following the first step, we will pick you up from the airport, we will check you into a hotel that is offered you a host of services to choose from regarding your stay in Turkey.

Traveling to Turkey is just a click away. Before your arrival, we gladly book a hotel room at our partner hotels nearby the clinic and arrange the airport transfer (arrival and departure) for you. Do not worry about if you have not been to Turkey before, we assure you that you feel like you are at home.

Treatment Process

The treatment process will be done as planned after the treatment plan is finalized with your dentist. The director will be by your side during your visits to the dental practice and help you organize your free time according to your preference. In the treatment process, you will be always informed and free to ask every little question in your mind.

In Turkey, dental clinic expenses like indemnity insurance, wedges, lab fees, and rents are much lower than in the UK. It does not mean that lower prices mean lower quality. No, in Turkey most of the clinics are private-only the clinic, it makes us improve our equipment by following the latest technology. We believe in ourselves.



Before your arrival, we gladly book a hotel room at our 5-star or 4-star partner hotels nearby the clinic and arrange the airport transfer (arrival and departure) for you. Since we will help you in all areas such as accommodation booking, sightseeing tour scheduling, wine tasting, fitness, and spa training, or other activities that you can see the holiday and hotel options by just click here.

Arrangements can be done to satisfy all your tourism needs. We will prepare the best package suited for you. As we said, traveling to Turkey is just a click away.


We would like to do extra monitoring that you are having pleasure with our service quality and your new teeth. Thus, you will be informed in advance. If your dental treatment requires more than one visit, we will arrange this process again but this time you will be more familiar with our country.

Our coordinator will be in contact with you whenever you would like to contact us. We warranty your long-term satisfaction with the feedback and evaluation process.

The biggest advantage of choosing us is low costs. You can save a lot of money and reduce your treatment cost by up to 75% which equals lower than you can expect to pay at home with the same high standards as the rest of Europe. We will help keep the overall costs of procedures as low as possible. You can save thousands of dollars, pounds, or Euros at our clinic, even with travel costs combined.
Since traveling international became easier, dental tourism which is increasing rapidly was considered by many people and Turkey is one of the most visited countries in the field of dentistry. Turkey has become one of the most preferred countries for dental tourism by fast adaptation to the developing world and with its hospitals and doctors who use high technology in the best way. Also, traveling to İzmir which is the third biggest city in Turkey is a process that extremely cost-effective.
We would like to highlight that Turkey is the second country with the most hospitals in the world. The dental packages that are offered are including a wide range of dental treatment such as oral implantology, crowns, and bridges, veneers, cosmetic dentistry as well as smile makeovers with well- equipped surgery using the latest technology.
Yes, we have. We plan this according to your estimated arrival time and returning time.
Yes, we care a lot about your comfort. You can access them at the airport and all around the city center and shopping malls. You can also easily do all your transactions in foreign currency from the bank and we will help you with that.
ATMs are almost on every corner in Turkey. It is easy to withdraw money from ATMs with international credit or debit cards.
After we arrange your treatment plan, we can help and select your flight ticket if you want to help. Of course, you can also choose to buy the flight tickets by yourself.
Yes, we usually arrange and make bookings for you with the hotels where are near the clinic. You can see them from the Hotel & Holiday menu. Thus, the chosen hotel will be booked for the planned dates and you will be placed at the hotel by our transfer agent. If you would like to make your reservation on your own, we can help with it, too.